Snappin' S'mores

Tired of the same old s'mores? Or just want to spice it up?! Replace those old graham crackers with our Saipan Snaps. Roast your marshmallow to perfection, add some chocolate, sandwich it between some Saipan Snaps and VOILA!

- our delicious Saipan S'mores! -

Ice Cream Sundaes

Add Saipan Snaps to some vanilla bean ice cream. You can layer our delicious ginger snaps or crush them up and sprinkle them on.

- Saipan Snaps added to vanilla ice cream -
- Saipan Snaps crushed and added to ice cream and berries -

Saipan Snaps Tiramisu

Find your favorite tiramisu recipe and just replace the lady fingers with Saipan Snaps! YUMMY. For extra ginger snap flavor, crush the ginger snaps and sprinkle them on top!

- Saipan Snaps made into a beautiful tiramisu -