Shipping Information

Hafa Adai,


     Online shopping is fun and easy, and we are confident that you will LOVE our ginger snaps!  Living and working on a remote and tiny tropical island in the Pacific Ocean is amazing but postal costs to the mainland can be costly.  It’s a long distance between our location and yours but we aim to make our shipping costs as attractive as possible. 

     Because of this distance, USPS Flat Rate boxes are the best option for mailing to the mainland U.S.  As of January 2020, the rate for a medium flat rate box is $15.05.  This means that if you are ordering just a few bags, shipping is a lot compared to the amount of your cookie order.

The best value is to order a bundle, which is designed to fill the Flat Rate box completely with adequate filler to protect your cookies during shipment.  Bundles give you the best value for your purchase with up to 8 large bags or 24 small bags. 

     To thank you for this larger order, we have discounted the shipping cost on all orders over $25 to only $8 which saves you nearly 50%.  If your order is less than $25, shipping will remain the standard cost of the USPS Medium Flat Rate box.

     If you have any questions or are interested in special orders, we’re happy to chat with you on line or you may contact us via our Contact Page.

     Happy shopping!

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